BioPace Technology

The Solution

Patent Pending Biological Pacemaker Growing Chamber

  • Placed at tip of an infusion catheter
  • Chamber/scaffold will help control and localize cell migration

Biological pacemaker in position inside the VGel within the cardiac musculature and growing pacemaker cells in a multi-perforated chamber

A Biological Pacemaker for Pediatric Chronotropic Incompetence

Method of providing a biological pacemaker

US 5103821 A
A process for providing a biological pacemaker for the human heart wherein the sino-atrial (S-A) node cells are removed from the heart and cultured to generate a critical mass of S-A node cells of sufficient quantity to generate a depolarization wave capable of stimulating the cells of the myocardium to ensure normal or near-normal pumping action in the heart. The critical mass of S-A node cells are then implanted in the myocardial tissue of the right ventricle to provide biological pacing for the heart which is sensitive to and variable with normal increase and decrease of output demands on the heart.

Method of providing a biological pacemaker

The BioPace technology aims to provide a novel natural pacemaker
within the patient’s heart to restoring complete cardiac function, nullifying
the use of batteries or leads and maintaining physiological responses to oxygen